UrumAda Company has been established in Iran, 9 km from Urmia city, on Santo road in a very pleasant climate and with an approximate area of 52,000 square meters and 19,500 square meters of infrastructure. The company was put into operation on November 6, 1991 to produce a variety of food products. Orum Ada products initially included a variety of tomato paste, which gradually increased the number and variety of products according to customer needs and the company’s development policies.
Maral Javid Javid Manufacturing and Industrial Company with the brand name of Maral Trailer is located in Urmia city, the capital of West Azerbaijan province, in the neighborhood of four countries: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iraq. Currently, people are working directly in different parts of the company.

Dohler Company is a manufacturer, marketer and provider of natural raw materials, ingredients and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Dehler’s integrated approach and wide range of products is the optimal basis for innovative and safe applications for food and beverages. Be.